PIT taxpayers are required to make annual tax return with their Tax Office. This settlement can be made by taxpayers or their payers (e.g. workplace, Social Security Office). Taxpayers should submit PIT, if they have reached income in each year and their tax return were not prepared by their payers.

The payer can make annual settlement of the taxpayer, which is treated just as if the settlement was made by the taxpayer.


Settlement by the payer is possible if the taxpayer:

  • does not have other income than that obtained from the payer,
  • does not use the tax benefits,
  • does not prepare tax return together with the spouse,
  • has submitted a statement for the payer.

Starting from the annual accounts for the year 2009, taxpayers who want to benefit from the family allowance are obliged to independently fill PIT. Payer cannot make the settlement for them.

PIT must be submitted to the April 30 to the tax office competent by place of residence of the taxpayer.


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