By supporting small and medium-sized enterprises I realize that tax accounting is unwanted duty imposed on entrepreneurs. Incomprehensible tax laws and unfriendly tax offices are an additional hurdle. If you want to avoid ineffective waiting in front of the official door, that means that my offer is just for you. I'll make sure you get what you want at a reasonable price. I do not do thoughtless introduction of invoices into the accounting system. I deal with all that State requires from you, so that you can take care of what you like best. You should spend your time in the company, not in relevant authorities. I assure the tax safety and reliable accounting information in management.

Accounting, means…

The standard range of accounting services of accounting office includes:

  • full bookkeeping for companies with limited liability and Joint-stock companies based on the received documents and information;
  • keeping simplified records: revenue and expense ledger, lump sum records;
  • keeping VAT records of sales and purchase;
  • preparation provided by law financial and statistical reports and sending them to the relevant authorities.

How does the cooperation look like?

By signing the contract with my accounting office, you will limit your accounting procedures only to issue invoices and receive evidence of purchase. You just must simply collect these documents and deliver them to the Accounting Office at agreed time or agree by telephone to their reception by our courier.

A big advantage is the use of SaldeoSMART - an online system for the provision of comprehensive accounting services. An intuitive interface combined with a fast and trouble-free transmission of documents in the form of scans, and use of the platform via the accounting office provides mutual benefits.

How much does it cost?

Cost of provided accounting services are negotiated individually with each of my client, and their height depends on the specific nature of his activities. If you are interested in the range of offered accounting services, I would like to invite you to a personal contact with us to discuss the details.



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