As part of our duties Accounting Office supports the company in the conduct and administration of personnel and salary calculation. Providing professional personnel administration and correct payroll and pay contributions is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the best solution for such companies is outsourced human resources and payroll department. The advantage of our payroll services is strict confidentiality within strict observed privacy policy.

How does the cooperation look like?

We analyse our customer needs and agree the way of delivery and transmission of documents and information. We set a person dedicated to the cooperation and then we obtain authorization for the exchange of data from Social Security Office. We accept customers’ payroll documents and import data into our payroll system. We verify terms of content of received and imported data and send a report on the status of documentation for payroll to the Client. The customer receives a monthly payroll declarations and personnel reports. Information exchange is usually made by e-mails or by phone calls. We are always available to our customers. We issue certificates for employees up to date and conduct a holiday statistics. The customer receives information about staffing decisions to be resolved soon (e.g. terminating of the contract of employment, periodic testing of an employee).

How much does it cost?

The costs of payroll services are individually negotiated with each of my client, and the amount depends on the number of employees and specific payroll in the company. If you are interested in the range of offered accounting services, I would like to invite you to a personal contact with us to discuss the details. The exact scope of parties’ tasks can be individually agreed in the concluded agreements. We can also realize only payroll service, as well as just only personnel management. It all depends on your needs and current expectations.


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